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“Heart and Soul – Deepening in Spirit” ~ the theme of the Canadian New Thought Conference 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 30-June 1, 2014.

New Thought Conference Heart and Soul Deepening in Spiriit

New Thought can be defined as the "correlation of the laws of science, the opinions of philosophy and the revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humanity." New Thought is supported by neuroscience and quantum physics, and is at the heart of many popular Human Empowerment and contemporary spiritual teachings. The heart-mind work of Thich Nhat Hahn is a major influence. How do we create a more joyful and fulfilling experience? How can ceremonies promote a sense of well-being?

The phrase, “New Thought Ancient Wisdom,” is increasingly used to describe the teaching that embraces the current discoveries of science while acknowledging the human traditions that lead to a more joyful and abundant life. New Thought encompasses the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle. Important authors in the early New Thought Movement include John Bascom, Ernest Holmes, Henry Drummond, Thomas Troward and Richard Maurice Bucke.

This year’s conference will feature dynamic speakers, presenters and great musicians from across Canada and the United States. In attendance will be New Thought Professionals, Practitioners, Ministers and people with interests in the study of consciousness. Those seeking to be and live their best life.

Hosting this year’s conference is The Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton-Metro. CSL Edmonton-Metro is active in teaching, inspiring, celebrating and supporting individuals in realizing and expressing their potential. This year’s conference promises to be a WOW experience for those attending.

Hosting this year’s conference is The Centre for Spiritual Living Edmonton-Metro which actively teaches, inspires, celebrates and supports individuals in realizing and expressing their full potential. CSL Edmonton-Metro teaches an inclusive dynamic life affirming philosophy that embraces the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. This year’s conference promises to be a WOW experience for those attending.


Attendees include students and enthusiasts in the fields of memory studies, consciousness studies, dream studies and cultural studies. There will be many people who will attend as listeners, without giving a presentation. People who are interested in learning about consciousness and tools for enhancing consciousness such as Meditation, Laughter, Remembering and Forgetting, Visualization, as well as the power of the spoken word. Opportunities to interact with healers in particular those focused upon Spiritual Mind Treatment and Affirmative Prayer will be available.


Presenters include Spiritual Leaders, Healers, Speakers from the Human Potential Movement, Neuroscientists, Actors, Mental Health Professionals, and comedians. New Thought professionals operate in the fields of mental,spiritual and emotional health exploring how the principle of Cause and Effect can be observed in action, then utilized for the enhancement of life. Areas studied include awareness and its relation to consciousness and how culture, belief systems and social conventions affect individual and collective well being. Whereas the mechanism of changing our thinking results in changing our lives, what type of thinking or direction of thought will result in a positive change resulting in increased abundance of joy and prosperity? We will discover how conscious living and understanding the principle of Cause and Effect can result in greater happiness. Spiritual Leaders from around Canada are encouraged to attend and discuss their varied viewpoints in a cradle of acceptance.

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