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World New Thought Conference opens on Friday

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Rev. Dr. Steve Walling in Yosemite

Rev. Pat Brideaux is one of the amazing ministers at Center for Spiritual Living Edmonton Metro

Rev. Kathleen Miller is one of the amazing staff ministers at Center for Spiritual Living Edmonton Metro

New Thought writers, artists and speakers at New Thought Conference in the heart of Canada to discuss the relationship between Science and Spirituality.

"Live Well, Laugh with delight and Love Always"
— Rev. Dr. Tim Peterson
EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 28, 2014 / -- Days away from the advent of the Annual New Thought Conference in Edmonton Canada under the compassionate guidance of self-realized Canadian New Thought Master Rev. Tim Peterson, Rev. Dr. Steve Walling ( is busy with Dr. Avalon and a team of Universal New Thought ministers setting up the necessary lighting and camera gear for the ongoing video interviews for at this year's New Thought Festival in Edmonton, Canada.

Rev. Dr. Steve Walling will be doing a presentation at the conference entitled: "It's the message, not the messenger". Dr. Walling has been working with Serving New Thought for a number of years. He loves the fact that New Thought Ministries do not have to pay for services. New Thought Centres can send voluntary contributions or fill in grant paperwork at Listings in the Universal New Thought Directory: reflect the prosperity consciousness of New Thought Centers supporting all the free resources. New Thought Centers that believe they are unable to afford to support the free resources such as are able to fill in Grant Paperwork to get free services such as hosting, website designs and much more. Rev. Steve is now the spokesman for the Universal New Thought Network Serving New Thought.

A lovely brochure about the Universal New Thought Network ( details that New Thought Spiritual Leadership support each other through this wonderful all volunteer network. A number of centers around the globe that have experienced prosperity challenges have turned to and obtained support from the network. One center in Alpine, California was unable to send a tithe for three years but still received free hosting, free design work and loving support from colleagues. Other centers in St. George & Pittsburgh were in the program for much longer than that without sending in any annual tithes.

Centers such as the Spiritual Awareness Center in Madera, California send regular tithes and support many other centers in this work.

The Universal New Thought Network is an all volunteer organization supported by voluntary contributions. All contributions received are used to support New Thought. No one gets paid! Contributions are used to send out computers via & pay for digital services that keep working as we grow more resources to support New Thought around the globe.

In the music hall, Dr. Walling's lovely wife, Spiritual Wisdom Guide Maureen Walling is taking photos of "Soul Connection", an Albertan team of musicians led by Rabin Mendis (named after nobel prize winning writer Rabindranath Tagore) rehearsing a full set of songs to supplement the presentations by speakers such as Rev. Jonathan Zenz whose good looks and winning smile has resulted in being deemed a "heart throb". Bass player Cash Webster is taking a break, chatting with a member of "Yankee Foray" about the amazing music of Rush, while brothers Danny and Leo Coady review vocal variations with Trish Barr-Mendis and drummer Chris Wood.

Under the mystic New Thought paintings of Barbara Hull,, a team of "goddesses" comprised of Rev's. Kathleen Miller, Pat Brideaux, Kathryn Cardinal, Science of Mind Practitioner Sonja Rhem and Master Editor Anne Richman are putting together the program, cards and materials for the 7th Annual Canadian New Thought Conference, ( at Edmonton's New Thought Headquarters (10580 113 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3H6). Joining the team for a bit is the elegant Rev. Jessie Jerri Gresiuk-Jackson who will be speaking at the conference. She began her New Thought ministry at the onset of the New Millennium and is joyful to relate that she was inspired by "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".

Just as Christianity, Buddhism, and other major religions split into branches emphasizing different approaches, New Thought has also split into mulitiple denominations. While some of these groups tout that they are "non-denominational", their conferences are not generally representative of all branches, denominations or organizations within the movement. In contrast to the prevailing pattern, Rev. Tim Peterson is doing a great deal of outreach: "conferences provide a vehicle by which members of the divergent denominations of New Thought can all work together to bring this dynamic teaching to the forefront of consciousness. We have made sure to include Canadian speakers from as many of the branches of our wonderful movement as possible." One of those speakers is Rev. Dr. Deborah Gordon, whose husband Dr. Kenn Gordon is the leader of Centers For Spiritual Living (

Universal Foundation for Better Living ( & Unity ( comprise the two Abrahamic denominations of New Thought. ANTN, World Religious Science, Centers for Spiritual Living & Global Religious Science (, practice a form of New Thought called Science of Mind which was propounded by a variety of early New Thought Leaders beginning with John Bascom and "teacher of teachers" Emma Curtis Hopkins. Science of Mind is a type of New Thought which teaches that science and spirituality are complementary. The first edition of Science of Mind was written by 19th Century American New Thought Philosopher Dr. John Bascom in 1881. Despite being an ardent opponent of New Thought, Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy took pains to write about Science of Mind in her 1891 book Rudimental Divine Science ( Although influential upon a number of early New Thought Leaders, Eddy and her teachings are not considered part of New Thought due to her opposition to Science and Medicine. Henry Harrison Brown and other early leaders of the original New Thought Alliance coined the term "Eddyism" to describe her teachings due to the fact that she promoted herself as a prophetess with a unique revelation and never credited her teacher Phineas Quimby.

New Thought editor and writer William Atkinson was a strong proponent of Science of Mind, writing about this form of New Thought in 1908. The current darling of Science of Mind adherents is 20th Century author Ernest Holmes who wrote his version of Science of Mind in 1927 ; its references to psychic phenomena (stripped away from later versions) reveal the strong influence of Thomson Jay Hudson, who wrote The Law of Psychic Phenomena in 1893. Ernest Holmes, a quintessential American Mystic, garnered one of Hudson's three laws of psychic phenomena ["Man has two minds: the objective mind (conscious) and the subjective mind (subconscious)"] into his writings. Holmes, with the aid of co-writer Maude Allison Latham revised his version of Science of Mind in 1938. Although in the public domain, it is not as popular as his original 1927 version of Science of Mind, perhaps because the section on psychic phenomena was excluded, or because recent editions appear to have deleted credit to his female co-writer, yet the 1938 revision is beloved by Science of Mind ministers around the world. Ernest Holmes never graduated from high school, yet was ordained in the Divine Science tradition of New Thought ( then went on to be awarded multiple honorary degrees from a variety of universities. Down to 13 centers, the oldest New Thought denomination, Divine Science (, is reported to be involved in some kind of merger with another old New Thought Organization, INTA, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in the coming year! ( Practitioners of the Mental Science School of New Thought, sometimes called "possibilitarians", disavow the spiritual and mystic in favor of what they call a "pure mind" approach.

Seicho No Ie, the largest New Thought denomination, is not represented at the conference this year, but neither is any other Buddhist New Thought organization. Seicho No Ie is headquartered in Tokyo. Starting out in Winnipeg, the Canadian New Thought Conference is bigger and better every year. It is beginning to eclipse similar events held in the United States, next year the 8th Annual Canadian New Thought Festival will be held in Toronto. DivineUnity ( is the only branch of New Thought which includes the UDHR in its belief statements, although some individual New Thought Centres also include this powerful declaration on their websites: (

Rev. Tim Peterson has created a New Thought Festival that is both diverse and inclusive at which attendees from the different denominations of New Thought can share their views in collaboration and have loads of fun celebrating life with laughter and love always. The conference begins on Friday, the 30th of May, concluding on Sunday, June 1st.

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